Vigilant Watch Guild Web Site

Welcome to the Vigilant Watch 2016 guild web site. We are working to get this completely finished by launch of Legion.

Guild Raiding

Vigilant Watch is a very active raiding guild. Our main raid groups run in the evening starting around 5PM server (PST)

Guild PvP

Vigilant Watch has been active in PvP for many years. We are looking for awesome PvPrs to join us for Legion.

Guild Leaders

A huge thanks to the guild high council and our amazing group of GM Active leaders. Thanks to Zareena, Musashii, Akainakali, Persis, Scriptura and IrishRanger.

Guild Flying Tackle Hugs

We are also very thankful for the many casuals that enjoy entertaining and engaging the new and veteran guildees. Thank you Carlamelora, HackHunter, Riat, Bitter and others.

Looking For Leaders

Vigilant Watch is active with many events and we are always on the lookout for fun leaders. We offer a number of mentor programs as well.

Feathermoon/SC Server Time

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