Vigilant Watch – US Feathermoon Alliance 2011-2018

Jan 15, 2019 The Vigilant Watch guild on Feathermoon has been retired. It was a great success and I am thankful to the many amazing guildees we were lucky enough to have.

I created the guild as fun family friendly place for large groups of players to play together. Having reached 1,000 member cap several times and ranking one of the top 5 guilds in the United States, our mission was a success.

Unfortunately, do to unforseen medical issues, I was forced to stop playing for several years. In my absense several amazing guildees stepped in to help keep the guild alive and active.

Thanks AK, Zareena, Riat, Pesch, Ferrwine, Kensie, Valwyn, Glaucous,  and many many other amazing people for stepping in to keep the guild active for many months past my departure, when I unexpectedly loss the guild do not logging in.

After healing up and learning to play without hurting my hand, I officially returned to WoW about 3 months ago. I found Vigilant Watch to be mainly a ghost town with shadows of grandure echoing through the empty halls.

Due to low member population & lack of activity, and lack of my part to want to invest the time needed to regrow the population to the size that I thought was fun for all… Veesha and I decided to accept a most gratious offer of Tallica and Chan and move in the presidential estate with them . (aka help lead Crit Happenz).

After several weeks at Crit Happenz, I decided that I have found a new home and I was extremely happy with the fun environment, the social chat, I just love it here.  it was time to formally retire TVW, liquid the assets, and insure existing guildees have a decent place I could refer them too.

I am in the process now of liquidation, if you were an active guildee until the end then you should expect me to be getting ahold of you with a small token of my appreciation (in the form of gold – lol).

Love You All,